Airport Pickup Service of Taxi Marcus


Marcus Transport Services is fully at your service when it comes to pick you or your guests up arriving at the airport or the railway station.

We offer you two options:

1) AT THE GATE: Our driver personally awaits you with a company- or nameshield at gate that is indicated for your flight on the information displays at the airport. Please report at the gate as indicated, also if you leave the customs-area through another exit, so that out driver can collect you.


2) AT THE MEETING POINT: Our driver awaits you with a company or name shield at the meeting point, which is located in the central hall, between Arrivals/Departures 1/2 and 3/4, close to the red and white chequered cube.



Please Note: For these services some extra charges will be applicable: parking costs of € 12,50 and waiting time between the estimated time of arrival of your flight (according to the latest information available from the airport information service) and the moment of departure of your taxi. The hourly rate for waiting is € 40,00, or a part of it.