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Marcus executive car BMW 730Ld Mercedes-Benz S-ClassMarcus Executive Car Services provides high class executive transport for anyone who demands style, safety, comfort and discretion. Business executives, government officials, board members and business owners make daily use of our services. Marcus Executive also transports their domestic and foreign guests. In addition, VIPs are transported regularly by us to their destination in the Netherlands and abroad. Punctuality, reliability, professionalism, flexibility, but above all discretion, is the norm at Marcus.

24/7 Any Destination

Your Marcus executive driver is at your service, 24/7, to bring you to any destination in the Netherlands or abroad.

Executive Luxury Limousine Transport

Your private chauffeur drives you in a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, S-Class or BMW 730Ld (long version) limousine. Our executive limousines are equiped with full comfort options, such as comfortable seats, climate control, an entertainment system, and an up-to-date GPS navigation system that guarantees the fastest possible route to your destination. Your trip is made as pleasant as possible. The BMW 730Ld has individually adjustable leather passenger seats with a working table for your notes or notebook.

The Mercedes-Benz Viano minibus deluxe comfortably seats 7 passengers: one next to the driver and 6 on the benches opposite each other, or 6 people in the version with folding tables.

Certified and Discrete Chauffeur

Each Marcus Executive chauffeur posesses all the necessary qualifications and additional diplomas and certificates in the field of vehicle control and personal security. And maybe even more importantly, they have a duty of confidentiality. Obviously, your private driver is neatly dressed in a Marcus uniform.

Book a Chauffeur by Phone

You can book a Marcus Executive chauffeur by telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even during holidays. Call +31(0)20-6599808.

Online Booking of Executive Transport

Marcus Executive offers you the ability to book your executive transport online. Call +31(0)20-6599808 or email to request an account.

Schiphol Airport Pickup Service

Marcus picks you, or your guests, up at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport or any other airport (at an extra charge):

At the gate: your driver will meet you personally with a firm or name tag at the gate indicated on the notice board for your flight. Please meet at the mentioned gate, even if you exit the customs area through another exit, otherwise your driver will not be able to find you.

At the Schiphol meeting point: your driver will meet you personally with a firm or name tag at the meeting point: the red and white checkered cube located in the central hall between the 1/2 and 3/4 departure/arrival halls.

It is of course possible to make arrangements about picking you up at any other location.


You can pay by cash, credit or debit card. We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa at no extra charge. If you or your organization makes regular use of our services, you have the option to pay by invoice afterwards. You or your authorized guest(s) only need to sign the  form upon arrival at the destination. You will receive an itemized monthly invoice.

Executive Transport Contract

We gladly make arrangements with regular customers for driving on contract and accomodate your special requirements. You will receive an account, so you can book a private driver online, and you will receive a monthly invoice.

Marcus executive car BMW 730Ld Mercedes-Benz S-ClassPrivate Chauffeur Economically Attractive

Marcus Executive is an economically attractive alternative to having a regular (payrolled) driver driving your own car. You can hire an Interseco qualified private chauffeur to drive you in your own car.

Environmentally Friendly Transport

As a sustainable company, Marcus Executive pays specific attention to the environment and the reduction of the environmental footprint. All our vehicles are not older than three years, and meet the most stringent emission standards. Part of the fleet consists of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class hybrid limousine.




Call +31(0)20-6599808 for 24/7 Executive Transport