Fleet of Marcus Executive Car Services


Mercedes Maybach


Marcus executive car BMW 730Ld

The BMW 730Ld executive limousine

Marcus executive car BMW 730Ld

The BMW 730Ld has an extended wheelbase for optimal passenger comfort


In comparison to the standard version, the BMW 730Ld has a 14-centimeter longer body that provides easier seating and additional head and leg space to its passengers. Individually adjustable leather seats come standard, as well as airconditioning, multi-media entertainment (the BMW HiFi-System Professional with 16 speakers) and a retractable worktable for your laptop. Passenger-safety is as important as comfort in the BMW 730Ld. The body is designed to absorb crash-energy in such a way, that the passenger compartment stays intact. Crash-active headrests and multiple airbags improve safety, and an automatic emergency-signal directs rescue vehicles directly to the crash-site.



Marcus executive car Mercedes-Benz S-Class


Mercedes-Benz S-class luxury limousine


Marcus excutive car Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Elegant and luxurious interior


Mercedes-Benz E-class sedan


Marcus executive car Mercedes-Benz Viano

New V-Type minibus deluxe

The new Mercedes-Benz V-Type minibus deluxe offers 7 comfortable seats (1 in front next to the driver, and 6 in the back on two opposite benches) or 6 seats (in the version with folding table in the back).

Marcus executive car Mercedes-Benz Viano

Luxurious leather upholstery in the V-Type minibus deluxe


Setting with 5 seats and table


Mercedes ML (Security Vehicle)